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Working collaboratively to create barrier free access to culturally sensitive quality health and social services for Migrant Workers in Durham Region.


  • Equitable and inclusive

  • Responsiveness

  • Social Justice

  • Health Literacy


Unexpectedly founded in 2013, Durham Region Migrant Workers Network (DRMWN) was a group of individuals who came together in response to the need for migrant worker integration into the community. In 2014, DRMWN became official, and is an unincorporated network of organizations that care about the quality of life for migrant workers, while they are away from their family and country of origin.

What we do?

  • Provide information and support about healthcare, human rights, and social services to workers

  • Provide opportunities for social interaction

  • Advocate for migrant workers

  • Provide education opportunities on migrant workers for all community members

  • Create awareness of migrant workers in Durham Region for all community members

  • Provide a forum to obtain feedback and implement suggestions based on feedback


Francine Burke | Durham Region Migrant Worker Solidarity Program

Elizabe Espinosa | Durham Region Migrant Worker Solidarity Program

Maria Cristina Gomez | Durham Region Migrant Worker Solidarity Program

Rev. Ted McCollum | St. Paul's Anglican Church, Beaverton

Loretta Fernandes-Heaslip | Brock Community Health Centre

Rev. Kit Greaves | St. John's Anglican Church. Bowmanville


AIDS Committee of Durham Region

Durham Region Migrant Worker Solidarity Program

St. John Anglican Church Bowmanville

St. Paul's Anglican Church Beaverton

Brock Community Health Centre

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